Arçelik is a leader in sustainability

We find our resilience in our commitment to a better future. We continue to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and implement our In Touch Technology sustainability framework on three pillars: curbing our footprint, supporting our communities, and improving our competitive edge. Backed by our ambitious 2030 targets, we remain committed to helping our planet, through innovation and impact. 

Net Zero Target

We are committed to achieving net-zero emissions across our value chain by 2050. We will reduce our Scope 1-2 , and  Scope 3 emissions to cover the entire value chain.

Green Financing

Through our green financing methodologies, we are aiming to achieve our robust emission reduction targets and align ourselves with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C goal.

Sustainability Stories

Within the scope of our sustainability agenda, we focus on the future, the environment, and the needs of people and our business. We believe that time for change has come and we must go beyond our current habits and behavior models, the way we think now, and everything that is thought to be impossible today. 

In our Sustainability Reports, we proudly share our achievements, vision, goals, and strategy with our business partners, customers, and all stakeholders. In 2019, we said “This Is Not A Report, It Is A Business Model”, then in 2020 we made a call to "Act Together" and last year, we highlighted examples of how when each of us takes action, we can create a positive impact on the world, with the rallying cry: “Lead the Change, Shape the Future”. This year, to mark the 15th year of our sustainability journey, we continued telling that story under our purpose: “Inspire Sustainable Lives in Every Home” to underline our commitment to improving everyday lives.

Sustainability Framework: In Touch Technology

We set our priorities in line with our ‘In Touch Technology’ strategy that shows our ambition to create smart technologies to fulfill the needs of the planet and society.


Sustainability Leadership

Our purpose-driven business model and our commitment are being recognized in global platforms.

Sustainability Report 2022