The increase in the human population and of urbanization is causing water usage to increase in all sectors, but especially in agriculture and industry. To thrive in a finite world and provide better access to all society, water must be managed effectively.


The first step should be to innovate products and services that minimize freshwater withdrawal,recycle and reuse water in production processes.

Arçelik’s integrated water management comprise of targets such as developing intelligent and holistic water strategy, promoting innovation, strengthening cooperation and supporting campaigns that raise awareness of conscious consumption.

At Arçelik, we strive to fulfill our responsibility as a leading company by respecting water and by developing and using the most advanced technologies in our production and products. We invest in new production technologies to increase waterefficiency, water recycling and reuse  in all operations. Apart from minimizing our water usage in production, reducing the overall water footprint of our consumers plays a key role in our product development strategy. In the last 12 years, we have saved 2.17 million m3 of water with water efficiency and rainwater harvesting projects implemented in Arçelik Turkey, Arctic Romania, Beko LLC Russia, Defy South Africa, Beko Thailand and Dawlance Pakistan manufacturing plants. This is equivalent to the daily water consumption of approximately 2.7 million Turkish households.

In addition to water usage, we treat discharged water according to its characteristics in chemical and biological treatment plants in all the regions where we operate, ensuring that discharged wastewater remains below legal discharge limits in order to protect water resources and biodiversity in the regions, and we periodically check compliance with these standards.


CEO Water Mandate

Arçelik has become of the 200+ companies that have signed the CEO Water Mandate. A UN Global Compact Initiative, the CEO Water Mandate is a commitment platform for business leaders and learners to advance water stewardship by committing to action across six core areas:

As an endorsing company, in line with Arçelik’s Water Policy, we commit to meet the expectations of the CEO Water Mandate and report our progress annually.

For the detailed information about water management and water efficiency project carried out in 2021, please check the Water Management part of Arçelik 2021 Sustainability Report.


Water Risk Management

The Environmental Coordination Working Group carries out water risks management and water efficiency activities in accordance with the Arçelik strategy and reports them to the Sustainability Board.


Physical Risk Action Plan

in Relation to Water Risks