About The Company

Our journey has begun in 1955. Today, Arçelik operates globally with its 22 brands.

With over 55,000 employees throughout the world, Arçelik's global operations include subsidiaries in 57 countries, and 45 production facilities in 13 countries. In addition to being the leader in our sector in Türkiye, we are Europe’s biggest white goods company in total sales. With our brand Beko, we are the second in the overall white goods market, and the leader in solo white goods market in Europe. We are the market leader with our brands Arctic in Romania, Defy in South Africa, and Dawlance in Pakistan.

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Why Arçelik

Leading Position in Türkiye, United Kingdom, Romania, Pakistan and South Africa

Solid presence in Europe

Strong R&D force with 2300 researchers and 3500 patent applications

Production base in low cost countries

Expansion into ASEAN, Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi markets


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As a responsible, innovative and leading company guided by our vision “Respecting the World, Respected Worldwide”, we focus on circular economy solutions, integrating our sustainability approach into every stage of our value chain.


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