Across the Entire Supply Chain

Supply chain has strategic importance in our profitability, growth and path to realise our vision.

To meet our global needs, we have purchasing offices in 8 countries and a dynamic purchasing organisation structure with 200 employees. As of 2020, our total procurement volume has reached approximately € 3 billion, with material supply from 2000 direct sources in 55 countries as well as indirect and investment purchases.

Arçelik strives to develop the best strategy and collaboration model in line with its expanding manufacturing lines and vision to position itself as a global brand. In this sense, a category-based purchasing organization was established to make use of scale economy. Category managers specialize in their relevant categories and conduct cost improvement projects as well as projects that create value. The purchasing organization keeps track of many elements which may have an impact on costs including the regulations on environment, fluctuations in commodity prices, local and global economic developments, supplier sustainability risks and customs regulations.

The prices of purchased materials are determined through price analyses and tenders. Both methods are used to set fair prices with the suppliers. The pricing process is based on economic parameters including the workforce, raw material trends, electricity, fuel and inflation.

Our Purchasing Strategies

Sustainable Responsible Purchasing

Supplier Risk Management

Cost Improvement

Supplier Innovation

Long-term Cooperation

Supplier Management and Optimization

Global Purchasing

Supplier Relations

We pay special attention to continue our operations with an aim to produce quality, innovative, cost-effective and environmentally friendly products with a consideration of our social and environmental responsibilities. We expect our suppliers to work with the same awareness, supporting them in their efforts to gain it.


Supplier Days

We have been organising supplier days since 2011 with an aim to strengthen our communications with our suppliers, who we regard as key partners in our procurement chain and as our stakeholders, and to share our strategies, procurement policy and expectations.


Supplier Development Programme

We endeavour to support our suppliers’ development. In doing so, we not only gain competitive advantage but also help increase quality while reducing costs.

We deliver productivity projects for our auxiliary industries based on a "shared gain" model, provide development with a win-win principle and facilitate an increase in supplier quality with a goal-oriented management.