Across the Entire Supply Chain

Supply chain has strategic importance in our profitability, growth and path to realise our vision.

To meet our global needs, we have purchasing offices in 8 countries and a dynamic purchasing organisation structure with 200 employees. As of 2018, our total procurement volume has reached € 3 billion, with material supply from 1800 direct sources in 53 countries as well as indirect and investment purchases.

Transparency Programme

Our Supplier Transparency Project (BTP-Business Transparency Project) carried out in collaboration with our suppliers to raise awareness on sustainability was awarded “Best Contribution to Responsibility” at 2017 Procurement Management Awards organised by ProcureCon and the Chartered Institue of Procurement & Supply (CIPS), which assesses the best procurement practices in Europe. As part of the BTP (Business Transparency Project) initiated with the support of GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and completed in 2016, 12 suppliers were asked to produce sustainability reports with an aim to increase their corporate sustainability performances, improve their skills in producing such reports and present their work in the international arena.

Supplier Relations

We pay special attention to continue our operations with an aim to produce quality, innovative, cost-effective and environmentally friendly products with a consideration of our social and environmental responsibilities. We expect our suppliers to work with the same awareness, supporting them in their efforts to gain it.


Supplier Days

We have been organising supplier days since 2011 with an aim to strengthen our communications with our suppliers, who we regard as key partners in our procurement chain and as our stakeholders, and to share our strategies, procurement policy and expectations.


Supplier Development Programme

We endeavour to support our suppliers’ development. In doing so, we not only gain competitive advantage but also help increase quality while reducing costs.

We deliver productivity projects for our auxiliary industries based on a "shared gain" model, provide development with a win-win principle and facilitate an increase in supplier quality with a goal-oriented management.