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Progress in 2022


Being progressive global citizens

We transform our business and build the future together with our stakeholders.


Other Key Developments

In 2022:

  • 137 cases were reported through ethics hotline channels. We closed all the cases and have no ongoing investigations related to the cases reported.

  • Our 2022 employee engagement survey has a global participation rate of 88% and an employee engagement rate of 69%. Results show that the engagement rates are 69% for our women employees and 69% for our men employees globally.

  • Our total R&D expenditure in 2022 are approximately EUR 90,243 million.

  • To gather feedback from our B2B customers, we employ the Koç Holding Dealer Satisfaction survey. In 2022, the survey was distributed to 67% of dealers. In 2022, our average customer satisfaction score from the ones who responded to the survey was 87.

  • Our Global Consumer Satisfaction Survey has revealed that we have a strong relationship with our consumers around the world, with our Global Brand Loyalty Index scoring 77.1.

  • A total of 237 unique significant suppliers have been assessed through inhouse Sustainable Supplier Index.

  • We collected environmental data from 159 suppliers, reaching 33% of our target.

  • The 173 signatories of the Commitment Letter have set long-term GHG emission, water, energy efficiency and waste reduction targets and publicly shared these targets on their websites and in sustainability reports.

  • Arçelik announced the Contribution Agreement to Form a New Standalone European Home Appliance Business with Whirlpool




Sustainability Report 2022