Combating The Climate Crisis

The effects of the climate crisis are being felt faster and are more serious than anticipated. Temperatures have reached record levels in recent years, while environmental pollution and biodiversity loss are on the verge of becoming irreversible. Every year, natural disasters are becoming more frequent and destructive.


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has a major impact on saving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing the environmental impacts of production processes, as well as an important role in combating the climate crisis. We focus on increasing efficiency with operational improvements and maintenance of production equipment, and especially by investing in innovative energy-efficient technologies.


Renewable Energy Technologies

Renewable energy plays an important role in tackling the climate crisis. For this reason, we continue to the implement new projects to increase the rate of renewable energy we use in production.



Carbon Pricing

The Implicit Carbon Price Model is used to measure the impact of investments in low-carbon emission technologies, and Arçelik has been using this model and allocating budgets every year for our energy efficiency projects and investments


Greenhouse Gas Emissions in The Value Chain

In addition to our operations, we also manage the environmental impact of our supply chain, which we reduce by cooperating with our suppliers in different fields, especially energy and waste.