“Efficiency in Production” is our motto while we continue to carry out projects to minimise water and energy consumption, and waste in our facilities.

We create not only perfect products but also digital, smart, and life-enhancing solutions for millions of our customers across 146 countries.

35 Sales and Marketing Offices
22 Production Facilities
17 R&D and Design Centers
15 9
R&D and Design Center Production Facility


Refrigerator Plant- Eskişehir

Compressor Plant-Eskişehir

Refrigerator and Compressor Plant R&D Center - Eskişehir

Cooking Appliances Plant- Bolu

Cooking Appliances Plant R&D Center- Bolu

Dishwasher Plant-Ankara

Dishwasher Plant R&D Center - Ankara

METU Technopolis R&D Center- Ankara

Washing Machine Plant- İstanbul

Washing Machine Plant R&D Center- İstanbul

Arçelik Design Center- İstanbul

Beylikdüzü R&D Center- İstanbul

Small Home Appliances R&D Center- İstanbul
TOKEN Financial Technologies R&D Center-istanbul
Production Technologies R&D Center- İstanbul
R&D Directorate-İstanbul

Electronics Business-İstanbul
Clothes dryer machine-İstanbul
Electronic Motors Plant-İstanbul
Plant of clothes dryer machine R&D Center - İstanbul
Electronics Plant R&D Center- İstanbul
WAT Motor R&D Center -İstanbul
Arçelik-LG Air Conditioning Plant - İstanbul