In Touch Technology

Within the scope of our sustainability agenda, we focus on the future, the environment, and the needs of people and our business.

We believe that we must go beyond our current habits and behavior models, the way we think now, and everything that is thought to be impossible today.

We design, build and live the future, today. We design technologies that will improve the future.

2030 Goals

We embarked on a journey to make a difference with a holistic sustainability approach we call In Touch Technology. Our 2030 targets fit into these principles of sustainable growth and value creation, and are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In Touch with Our Planet

We strive to differentiate ourselves with products and technologies that endorse sustainability as we focus on efficient use of resources and circular economy solutions, and support all our stakeholders in the value chain, to help them reduce their environmental footprint.

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In Touch with  Human Needs

To reach a more equal and inclusive social structure, we develop smart technologies that make it easier for people to live lightly and have healthier lifestyles, and we empower local communities in the geographies where we operate.

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In Touch with  Business

Sustainability is a lifestyle and an integral part of our business model.  As a responsible company, we work with our suppliers, business partners, employees, and consumers to design better solutions and create shared value.


Green Financing Framework

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Sustainability Reports

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