Generating significant social, environmental and economic spheres of influence in our operational geography, we aim to manage our influence on these fields with a responsible and efficient sustainability approach. We operate in line with our vision “Respecting the World, Respected Worldwide” and focus on respect for society and nature in all our operations, consider our stakeholder expectations as  our primary guide.

Arçelik believes that its financial successes can only become permanent through a sustainable business model, since it operates in a dynamic, competitive and constantly transforming sector due to the technological progress and therefore sets integrated business and sustainability goals. Arçelik, which manages its material aspects in line with the principles of “Inclusive”, “Responsible”, “Innovative” and “Leader”, seeks to transform the risks in sustainability fields into opportunities.

Arçelik aims to meet the changing needs of the society and to create mutual value through collaborations with different stakeholder groups in line with its “Inclusive” principle. In line with this principle, Company gets strength from the diversity and entrepreneurship of its workforce and believes that sustainable social benefits and social change might be attained through cooperation in product and technology development with public institutions and NGOs.

In line with its “Responsible” principle, Arçelik strives to have a positive environmental and social impact both on its products and production processes.

Arçelik pioneers in the sector by integrating innovation to its corporate culture and all business processes in line with the “Innovative” principle and provides significant contributions to technological progress with its vast knowledge in this area. In line with this principle and by force of the digital era, the Company enters new business fields and meticulously evaluates the opportunities brought about by digitalization.

In line with the principle of “Leader”, Arçelik makes investments that focus on discovering the talents of the employees, aims to bring up employees who are leaders in their fields and ensures their satisfaction and long-term commitment. The Company strives to set an example with its pioneering practices regarding transparency and accountability for the societies it operates in.

With its effective sustainability structure, Arçelik extends the policies in sustainability areas to the whole organization from the senior management to the lowest levels and to the value chain. It does not limit sustainability performance to the organization and considers the performance of value chain elements as binding. With concrete objectives, strong communication and efficient control mechanisms, it ensures the continuous improvement of the sustainability performance.

Sustainability Structuring

The Sustainability Council, the highest-level authority in sustainability management at Arçelik, is established to determine corporate sustainability and climate change policies and strategies, ensures their integration with corporate business processes and tracks sustainability performance. Members of the Council, formed with the participation of Arçelik Senior Management, control and coordinate sustainability activities in their areas of responsibility and they chair Sustainability Working Groups.

The Working Groups, ensuring the implementation and dissemination of the decisions taken by the Sustainability Council are formed on the basis of specialization and responsibility. Working Groups, formed by executives and/or experts responsible for sustainability issues, report performance results and developments in their areas to the Sustainability Council. The Sustainability Council convenes twice a year, evaluates performance results for year-end and determines the objectives for the forthcoming year with Arçelik Sustainability Activities year-end Report. Sustainability Council is responsible with reporting critical issues to Board of Directors. Our Company's Board of Directors resolved to the appoint of Fatih Kemal Ebiçlioğlu and Fatih Özkadı to inform the Board of Directors about the activities of the Company's Sustainability Working Group on March 28, 2019.

Arçelik supports its effective sustainability structuring with corporate policies that bring together its corporate values with the company’s sustainability strategy. Working principles and procedures are determined through Ethical Values, Environmental Policy, Energy Policy, Quality Policy, Occupational Health and Safety Policy, Human Resources Policy, Supplier Working Conditions and Public Disclosure Policy; the total harmony of practices with corporate policies is ensured.