Grundig’s mission is based on inspiring people to design a better future by respecting food and respecting planet to leave the future generations a more sustainable world.


Respect Food

While striving to produce high-level home appliances respecting the environment, Grundig also works to inspire people at home, through a collective purpose, to take everyday actions in pursuit of a better and more sustainable future. Knowing that what happens at home is then reflected outside on the planet, Grundig believes a better future starts at home. Through its brand narrative, It Starts At Home launched in 2019, Grundig takes steps to increase awareness on food waste with focus on Respect Food, and develop sustainable innovations to Respect Planet.

Grundig has adopted the Respect Food philosophy to support the fight against rapidly increasing food waste, and inspire communities in the countries where it sells its products. Building on It Starts At Home, Grundig continues its efforts to offer an alternative sustainable life to consumers externally through awareness and call to action programs, and through improvements made at every stage of its value chain internally. As a global brand with high environmental and social awareness, it has undertaken several joint projects with local and global organizations and has led its R&D efforts into new technologies that will prevent creating food waste at home.

In line with its Respect Food approach, Grundig has a long-lasting partnership that also continued in 2020 with the Food for Soul Initiative, founded by Chef Massimo Bottura, which focuses on strengthening community resilience, opening opportunities for social mobility, and advocating a healthy and equitable food system. Food for Soul encourages communities to tackle food waste, highlighting a series of initiatives in collaboration with chefs, artists, food suppliers, designers, and institutions. As an official partner of the initiative, Grundig helped Food for Soul establish Refettorios, restaurants that transform surplus ingredients that are perfectly edible but would otherwise go to waste into healthy and nourishing meals helping people to appreciate their hidden value, in different countries including Rio de Janeiro, London, Paris, Milan, and Naples. This has helped Refettorios to extend the scope of their operations to different locations to further reduce food waste and provide for more people in need.

By the end of 2020, more than 500 tons of food had been saved from being wasted, and more than 785,000 dishes were served with the help of over 100,000 chefs, culinary apprentices, and volunteers.

On September 2020, UNEP appointed Massimo Bottura as its newest Goodwill Ambassador to step up the fight against the global problem of food waste and loss. Through our communication campaign launched in five countries, we increased awareness on the SDGs and food waste, and reached over 6.5 million people.

Through its Brand With A Purpose approach which supports the umbrella brand purpose of Respect Food, Grundig Turkey continued its series started back in 2017 with A Lifestyle, and continued with Respect Food in 2018. The Explore series launched in December 2019, was released on two national TV channels and a digital platform during 2020. Repeat broadcasts of the previous seasons also continued on the same national channels.

Over the years, Ruhun Doysun Initiative has become a growing awareness movement in Turkey through YouTube series, website, social media channels, and magazine books. By the end of 2020, the number of followers had reached 542,000 on Instagram, 160,000 on YouTube and more than 700,000 on all social media channels. Videos on the YouTube channels were watched more than 100 million times.

Ruhun Doysun Initiative also creates maganize-books to extend its philosophy to the wider public. The magazinebooks, having the same name as YouTube series, are now on sale through as well as via e-commerce web sites and major bookstores across Turkey.