Investing in community resilience is essential for effective disaster response. The private sector’s responsibility to contribute to a better world has long been discussed. The COVID-19 pandemic showed us the importance of collective action. The pandemic has aligned agendas and priorities for stakeholders, and strengthened multi-stakeholder collaboration. It has also created more space for the local private sector to engage with and be active in disaster response and recovery.


Serial Production of Mechanical Ventilators

Ventilators play a critical role in the treatment of COVID-19 patients in critical conditions, but many

countries around the world saw the use of ventilators reach capacity as global demand surged with only a limited supply. Thanks to our flexible production capabilities and talented human capital, we undertook the mass production of life-saving mechanical ventilators by joining forces with some of the biggest names in technology and aviation. In a remarkable case of cross-industry ‘collaboration for innovation’, 120 engineers, including 60 from Arçelik and others from BioSys, Baykar Technologies and Aselsan, got together to use the rapid-prototyping facilities at Arçelik Garage, one of Turkey’s largest open innovation centers, to design and test the initial prototype on a strict, two-week deadline.

We signed a protocol with the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Health for the mass production of the ventilation equipment to be used to help the treatment of COVID-19.

In 2020, the production of 5,000 units was completed within only three months and they were distributed to around 20 countries. A total of 1,927 units were delivered to 150 pandemic hospitals around Turkey through Arçelik Authorized Services, and 3,073 ventilators were sent to 18 countries, including some of the hardest hit such as Brazil, Somalia, Chad, Niger, Libya, and Nigeria. The collective expertise in the design, industrialization, and localization of the ventilator was given to the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology on a not-for-profit basis. We strive to continue to develop and advance lifesaving solutions for the benefit of humanity. We also supported the incubation center Open Ventilator System Initiative, led by UK’s Cambridge University, with our companies Defy in South Africa and Beko Plc in the UK, and we ensured the development of a cost-effective ventilator. Developed to enable low-income countries to produce, the ventilator was deemed worthy of the the President's Special Award for Pandemic Service Award by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Public Health And Donations During COVID-19 

In 2020, to provide better hygiene, nutrition, and opportunities for refreshment for healthcare workers showing great sacrifices, we donated white goods and SDAs to hospitals around the world. We donated more than 5,000 units of Arçelik- and Beko- branded products to 202 hospitals around 75 cities across Turkey, and to over 550 hospitals across 20 countries worldwide including the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Romania, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Beko has initiated the Best Team in the World Campaign, the Health Professionals Support Movement for those who risk their lives in the fight against the pandemic. Beko donated products to more than 380 hospitals across 15 countries including Romania, Turkey, Spain, France, Poland, and Czech Republic.

In Turkey, with the support of Arçelik Authorized Services, we met several needs of our customers who were subjected to the restrictions for people aged 65 and over, including the grocery shopping and pharmacy needs. We also provided service priorities to them.

Also, in Italy, Beko guaranteed home after-sales assistance through its authorized technicians who were equipped with all the devices to carry out the service in total safety between March and June 2020. Special and priority support was provided for frontline health professionals.