Healthy Living Awareness Projects


Eat Like A Pro

Our Beko brand offers innovative product solutions to give families access to fresh, delicious, and healthy meals, and in cooperation with FC Barcelona, it has implemented the Eat Like A Pro Program. This global initiative aims to teach children healthy eating habits by showing how their role models -FC Barcelona’s star players- feed themselves to achieve their best performances, thus fighting against the important global problem of childhood obesity. FC Barcelona’s defensive player Gerard Piqué has been named the global ambassador of Eat Like A Pro.

In cooperation with FC Barcelona, the Fenerbahçe Men's Basketball Team, and Esports LEC, the campaign philosophy of Eat Like a Pro promotes healthy nutrition by showing how heroes eat.

In 2019, as part of Eat Like a Pro, we donated 1 million Euros in cooperation with UNICEF to Latin America, where 23% of primary school-age children are obese to create a positive impact on the lives of over 500,000 children. Our cooperation was referred to in UNICEF’s 2019 State of the World's Children Report.

Implemented in Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil, the Program is UNICEF’s first partnership with a brand fighting against the problem of obesity.

“4-3-3” #LiveLikeAPro

In 2019, as an additional part of the Eat Like A Pro Program we organized the social media campaign 4-3-3 #LiveLikeAPro based on FCB’s famous 4-3-3 game formation, asking families to share how they eat their four fruits and vegetables, three proteins a day, and do three exercises using the healthy 4-3-3 practices with emojis. Barcelona stars Gerard Piqué and Ivan Rakitic also supported the campaign, sharing their own 4-3-3's. At the end of the campaign, selected participants were invited to Eat Like A Pro activities like watching games at the Nou Camp, training at Ciutat Esportiva, and meeting Barça’s legend Juliano Belletti.

In Serbia, our Beko brand continued to support and direct young talents to the sport through the Eat Like a Pro Program in 2019, and we sponsored six talented young people to join FC Barcelona’s football camp with their families. During the camp, chef Jovica Jovičić delivered a presentation on the importance of healthy nutrition for young athletes.


This four-episode series explaining the elements of FC Barcelona's healthy living, as well as the staff behind the scenes, aired in September-October 2019. You can watch the episodes here.

League of Legends European Championship (LEC) Collaboration

Our Beko brand entered the esports industry for the first time in 2019, signing a one-year sponsorship agreement with the League of Legends European Championship (LEC), Europe’s largest esports league. Thus, we were able to include esports in our Eat Like A Pro Program that started with Barcelona and the Fenerbahçe Men's Basketball Team. As part of this, we produce special content and events that inspire esports players to practice healthy nutrition and encourage new generations to eat well and be healthy.

One Healthy Movement for Our Employees

We implement different projects that promote employees’ health. We launched the One Healthy Movement Project in 2019 to promote quality, healthy living habits among our employees. The project aimed to increase employees' awareness of healthy nutrition and an active life through content and one-on-one interviews with nutrition consultants, sports trainers, and healthcare professionals. During the first six months of the project, our employees managed to lose a total of 1,000 kgs as they stepped into a healthy life.