From Eat Like a Pro to

Live Like A Pro


Since 2018, Beko has run the global Eat Like a Pro Program to raise awareness around childhood obesity and encourage healthy eating habits. By partnering with global sports role models and teams such as FC Barcelona, Fenerbahçe Men’s Basketball Team, and Esports LEC, Beko aims to expand the sphere of influence.


In 2021, Beko decided to refresh its communication tagline and launched a sustainability manifesto via a multiplatform campaign, aiming to create a global community of consumers. Instead of promoting products or technology, Beko is basing its campaign solely on raising awareness around general sustainability issues.

Beko’s sustainability vision is “Healthy living is only possible on a healthy planet”, reflecting a connection point between the planet and humans to impact human behavior positively. Our long-term goal is to create awareness for our target audience of ways to take action and be a part of sustainability-oriented change.

Recycled materials, bio-composites and detergent saving technologies are the essentials for Beko’s R&D and design approach to sustain the living environment on the earth.

For the detailed information about projects carried out in the scope of healthy living and well-being in 2021, please check the Healthy Living and Well-Being of Society part of Arçelik 2021 Sustainability Report.