Dawlance held a session in effort to raise awareness on early detection and to reduce the stigma of breast cancer. 

In honor of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dawlance joined hands with Pink Ribbon Pakistan to raise awareness about breast cancer. An awareness session was held for all the females with the aim of early detection and reducing the stigma attached to it. During the session, symptoms, causes and the risk factors were discussed in detail. The session also shed light on self-examination and other tests through which breast cancer can be detected. 

 It was followed by an informative Q&A session in which all queries were answered which proved to be very constructive for all the participants. 

Through this awareness session, Dawlance Human Resources is trying to cater to its employees well-being and create an impact on people’s lives.

Pink Ribbon Pakistan is a project of Women’s Empowerment Group and is a non-funded, self-sustained campaign, mostly supported by contributions through public philanthropy and driven by a large number of volunteers all over the country.