Grundig has unveiled its latest cutting-edge cooking technology at IFA 2019 – the New Built-In Oven Series, with HotAero Pro and SenseSteam Pro Technologies that manage hot air and steam perfectly to create gourmet meals at home.

Berlin, 5th September 2019: Today in an evolving world, consumers are looking to brands to take the lead in enabling a better future. That’s why Grundig has evolved to become a purposeful brand.  With that ambition and with our respect food initiative, Grundig is innovating sustainable, aesthetic and high-quality kitchen ranges. Today Grundig launched its new Built-In Oven Series that incorporates new superior cooking technologies to help home cooks create restaurant quality meals at home when you gather with the loved ones around the table.

The automatic cooking function allows users to select from a range of pre-programmed meals, with a Bi-Directional Fan that enables adaptive cooking. Depending on different recipes and food weight, the rotation direction and speed of the fan vary for perfect cooking results. For example, meat and poultry often benefit from high temperature and fan speeds, resulting in fast searing at the early stage of cooking. After searing, adaptive cooking technology refines fan speed in the later stages of cooking for optimal results.

The new Built-In Oven Series is surrounded by breakthrough sensor technologies. SenseSteam Pro Technology uniquely controls steam level inside the oven during steam cooking. This high temperature humidity sensor is able to adjust the steam level which ensures optimized quality for each recipe for the duration of cooking time. SenseSteam Pro works based on sensor fusion that intelligently combines data from several sensors to maintain accurate steam levels in the oven for tender meat and vegetables. To check how thoroughly the meat is cooked, Meat Optimizer Pro measures the interior temperature of the food for full accuracy from four different points.

The new Built-In Oven Series also includes convenient solutions for a comfortable cooking experience for users. An easy to clean cavity, touch control high resolution 5.7-inch TFT LCD display, step-by-step cooking instructions, automatic recipes and connectivity are just a few of these. The oven also incorporates combination cooking options as well as Divide & Cook and Multi-Taste Technologies.


"Our cooking solutions strive to allow home cooks to produce restaurant quality food every time. We’re excited to be launching our next generation of cooking technology with the new Built-In Oven, showcasing how at Grundig we pair a premium aesthetics, without compromising on functionality or quality."

Zeynep Yalım Uzun, Chief Marketing Officer of Arçelik parent company of Grundig, commented on the New BI Oven


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