Beko Celebrates 20th
Anniversary in Georgia


Beko celebrates 20 years of operations in Georgia with a splendid ceremony

Beko crowned its 20th-anniversary celebrations in Georgia, which have been ongoing throughout the year, with an evening event held at Tbilisi’s Philharmonic Concert Hall. Murat Büyükerk, Arçelik A.Ş.’s Sales Director for Africa, the Middle East and the Near East; Arçelik Regional Managers for Turkic republics; Davit Narmania, the Mayor of Tbilisi; Zeki Levent Gümrükçü, the Turkish Ambassador to Georgia; and distinguished guests attended the 20th-anniversary ball held on Wednesday, 20 September.

Büyükerk delivered the keynote address at the event, which was widely covered by the Georgian media. He stated that Beko, one of the leading white goods brands in Europe, has been operating in Georgia for 20 years with a product range suited to the Georgian market, and he thanked Beko’s Georgian distributor for their success and contributions. Mayor Narmania and Ambassador Levent Gümrükçü congratulated Beko on its 20 years of operations in Georgia during their speeches.

At the event, which was hosted by Nika Tsulukidze and Manika Asatiani, there was a draw for a car to be given away to mark the 20th anniversary, as well as an awards ceremony for a short-film contest about Beko’s 20th anniversary that was held for students from the State Conservatory of Tbilisi State University. After screenings of the participating films, the three nominees for best director were awarded prizes.

The audience enjoyed a wonderful evening thanks to a performance by the well-known Georgian music band Sakhe, the famous classical musician Giorgi Tsagareli, the Georgian dance group Erisioni and artist Nutsa Buzaladze. The event ended with a fireworks show.

In addition, a Partners Bazaar event was held in the square in front of the Philharmonic Concert Hall. Leading Georgian brands Natakhtari, Sante, Agrohub and Mado had booths at the event to support Beko. Beko hosted a virtual-reality activity on the square featuring FC Barcelona that drew a great deal of attention from the public. Beko products featuring brand-new technologies were also presented to the Georgian press within the scope of the celebration.