Founded in May 2018 as a showroom and an experience centre in Bolu (Türkiye), The Kitchen aims to gather feedback and insight into cooking experiences and products.

Since the day it has been found, The Kitchen has hosted 90 events covering a total of 1,819 people, including employees, business partners and customers.

With the feedback collected from The Kitchen, we;

  • Develop new product ideas that contribute to innovation processes and put consumer needs at the center,

  • Create inputs for brand product map studies through consumer insight and research,

  • Determine development points for upgrading our products and new additional features,

  • Test new products, before they get launched, and get feedback from the consumer,

  • Hold in-house cooking trainings to ensure that everyone responsible for product innovation has a cooking experience,

  • Hold workshops and co-creation sessions with our business partners from different sectors on different cooking topics.

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