We closely cooperate with national and international institutions to reinforce our leadership position in the industry.

We are working to expand our R&D cooperation network abroad.

ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan): This is an ongoing project initiated as part of the activities of our R&D office in Taiwan.

Cambridge Science Park: Our R&D centre continues work on innovative material technologies, advanced manufacturing technologies, and on designing software that will enable the development of innovative products in the white goods sector.

Cambridge University: As a member of the Strategic Technology and Innovation Management (STIM) Consortium, we are strengthening our ties with the leading universities in the UK, including Cambridge, Oxford, and Imperial College. Two project applications in partnership with Imperial College London and Cambridge University were chosen as the recipients of Innovate-UK funds.

Horizon 2020: With 11 ongoing projects, we are the company with the most projects in Türkiye. We work with more than 450 universities, research institutions and companies from over 20 countries on projects regarding nanotechnology, innovative material technologies, home entertainment systems, factories of the future, internet of the future, cold chains, and logistics.


OCF (Open Communication Foundation) Diamond Member: We are among over 300 leading technology companies that form OCF for our efforts into the future-shaping Internet of Things.

MIT Media Lab: We are working with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Media Lab for anti-disciplinary, human-focused, radically innovative products that will make a difference.

Google: We partnered with Google for the development and launch of Türkiye's first Android TV. This was the first time Google Video, Google Music, Google Game and Google Play were supported on our televisions together with 4K UHD display.

University cooperation: We created a role model in the university-industry cooperation mechanism, and our different and pioneering cooperation strategies helped to create a culture of cooperation within the company.

The Koç University - Arçelik Creative Industries Application and Research Center (KUAR) was established in 2015, and since then we have been cooperating with a number of university divisions on concept development, feasibility studies and technology transfer.

Our work with KUAR includes user experience surveys and new application development for Virtual User Experience - In-Home Augmented Reality (SAR); the project "Obtaining User Acceptance Model and Scale for an Online Design Guide to Be Used in Connected Home Products with High Consumer Demand" for which a TÜBİTAK 3501 Career Development Program submission has been made; and the project "2 EL-DOKUN Gestures and Gesture-Reading Control Device" for which a TÜBİTAK 1005 program submission has been made.