Supplier Improvement Activities


Supplier Trainings

An important part of our approach consists of working with suppliers to ensure continuous improvement. In 2021, Arçelik started to provide consultancy services to its suppliers on sustainability issues through a third-party independent institution reaching 1,900 person*hours. In addition, we began a program that provides sustainability training to our suppliers through non-governmental organizations and direct webinars. The program includes a wide range of topics such as supplier sustainability practices and strategies, energy efficiency and renewable energy applications, greenhouse gas inventory calculation method, conflict minerals, energy and environmental data collection, and risk Identification. To increase our reach and participation rate, we initiated the Digital Education Platform project in 2021 with the aim of digitizing our training programs. By 2022, our suppliers will be able to easily access the training through this platform.

Supplier Development Programs

Arçelik’s Auxiliary Industry Transformation and Development Department aims to increase production quality and efficiency of suppliers, support them towards adopting a sustainable production approach, and help them to maintain their competitiveness. We analyze the needs of suppliers and ensure access to resources allocated for further cooperation. To increase process efficiency by creating integration between Arçelik and auxiliary industries, the New Supplier Management System Project is carried out at the suppliers and Arçelik businesses selected as pilots. The project, which aims to digitize supplier management, especially order, stock, and logistics, is planned to be expanded in 2022.

In 2021, we directed our focus on developing supplier infrastructure and technical competencies and continuously expanding emerging production technologies in the supplier ecosystem.

With the Arçelik Supplier Technology Day, which had 230 participating suppliers, we aimed to support digital transformation and process technologies by training suppliers in quality and efficiency optimization in thermoform processes with the digital twin methods, quality-enhancing digital solutions in surface control applications, new applications to reduce scrap and waste in the sheet metal forming process, and in the use of nanotechnology in the coating process and its reflections on the household durables sector. In addition, we carried out a total of 112 projects with 56 suppliers: 22 in quality improvement, 29 in digital transformation, and 61 on productivity increase. In 2021, within the scope of efficiency studies, process optimization, cycle times improvement, automation solutions, localization, optimization of quality control activities and digital transformation projects, TRY 25 million was saved.