Supplier Improvement Activities


Supplier Trainings

An important part of our approach consists of working with suppliers to ensure the suppliers gain indepth knowledge and awareness on Arçelik’s ESG strategy, policies and procedures. The online trainings cover information on Arçelik’s Global Responsible Purchasing Policy and ESG Program well as Arçelik’s ESG targets and business strategy approach. The trainings consist of online webinars and technical consultancy services provided in collaboration with Arçelik’s third party independent service provider consultant. Furthermore, in 2022, we activated the Digital Education Platform with the aim of digitizing our sustainability training programs in 10 different areas including ISO Environment and Energy Management Systems, GHG inventory calculation method, conflict minerals, energy and environmental data collection, ROHS regulations, occupational health and safety and risk identification. As stated in Supplier ESG Program, in the online supplier evaluation software tool, we included a benchmark section available for suppliers to access how their peers are performing as best-case examples. Suppliers can access summary reports of why the said-suppliers were rated as best performing based on Arcelik’s Supplier Sustainability Index.

Technical Capacity Improvement Program

Arçelik aims to systematically improve the technical capacity of its suppliers in terms of ESG strategy and risk management. We are aware of the fact that this is a long-term journey. We aim to equip our suppliers with the necessary tools to stay proactive, to embed sustainability into growth strategy and to prepare for upcoming regulations. We have witnessed major regulations coming into force, and our efforts to help suppliers proactively proved the strategy is working. We aim to increase production quality and efficiency of suppliers, support them towards adopting a sustainable production approach, and help them to maintain their competitiveness. We analyze the needs of suppliers and ensure access to resources allocated for further cooperation.


Our efforts have been made to develop supplier infrastructure and technical competencies, and to disseminate new production technologies.


Arcelik continues to carry out its activities in line with its sustainability goals by including its suppliers in the process. The target projects include the Supplier ESG Target setting project as well as focus projects on raw material reduction, increasing recycled material consumption, increasing energy efficiency, renewable energy usage and increasing digitalization capabilities of the suppliers.


For further details, please refer to our Sustainability Reports.