Supplier Improvement Activities


Supplier Transformation & Development Department promotes high-quality and efficient supplier operations and helps suppliers maintain a competitive edge and implement sustainable manufacturing practices. In this sense, we analyzed supplier needs and made available various resources for their development.

In 2020, we strove to improve supplier infrastructures and technical capabilities, and help them adopt emerging manufacturing technologies. As part of these efforts, we organized two Technology Days under 10 topics about Digital Technologies & Process Technologies with the attendance of 230 individuals.

The topics under Digital Transformation included;

  • Manufacturing Cost Benefits with the Machine Learning Model

  • Quality Control Applications with Video Processing

  • Occupational Security with Video Processing (Detection of Unauthorized Access to Restricted Areas)

  • Detection of Failed Metal Sheets with Machine Learning Model

  • Telegram – Robotic Process Automation in Manufacturing.


The topics under Process Technologies included;

  • Mold Internal Temperature and Pressure Measurement

  • Digital Solutions in Quality Control Applications

  • Modeling of Plant & Manufacturing Systems

  • Material Distribution Systems & Applications

  • Joining Technologies.


In 2020, Arçelik implemented 108 projects with 59 suppliers to support them with a focus on quality improvement, efficiency increase, and digital transformation. Suppliers are included in the end-to-end digital transformation program according to a certain schedule.

Arçelik regards its suppliers as significant stakeholders and business partners. Accordingly, we organize workshops to improve the competitive edge of our suppliers. In 2020, we held 20 workshops on process improvements and alternative process applications. We also started working on 55 selected projects.

In 2020, we carried out 35 supplier process inspections and 3,160 product inspections. Furthermore, we implemented 438 projects to support them with a focus on quality improvement, efficiency increase, digital transformation and design changes. During the pandemic, manufacturing processes were audited remotely and online product audits were conducted to ensure high product quality. Additionally, online quality workshops were organized with the suppliers.

In 2020, we stepped up our supplier improvement efforts to create sustainable partnerships. We also added new suppliers to the food preparation and personal care segments. This allowed us to add cost-effective products to our range.