Business Ethics Audits &Reporting


As part of the policy, we carry out training and auditing activities for our suppliers. Within the scope of the audits, we audit the compliance of our suppliers with supplier business ethics rules, which include Arçelik A.Ş.'s expectations in legal practices, working conditions, ethical rules, occupational health and safety, and environment. We plan corrective actions for nonconformities that arise as a result of the audits and check the actions taken regarding these plans in the following audits. Arçelik A.Ş. any supplier who acts illegally may request the removal of any employee or terminate cooperation with the supplier. Within the scope of the audits, in case of child labor, forced labor, discrimination, bribery and harassment cases are detected, cooperation with the supplier in question is interrupted. All of the newly commissioned suppliers in Arçelik A.Ş. make self-evaluations under the headings of Quality, Environment and Business Ethics.


In 2019, a total of 28 suppliers were audited in the fields of business ethics and work safety through an independent audit firm. As a result of the audits, 464 areas open to improvement were identified. 5 of our audited suppliers are our indirect suppliers. These are our security, food, cleaning, occupational safety and service suppliers. In addition, the findings of the previous period were taken into consideration and 5 suppliers were followed-up and 30% of the nonconformities of these suppliers were improved.


The suppliers to be audited are determined according to the Risk and Opportunity analysis below, and the supplier can be audited again according to the results of the audit and sustainability index. Critical suppliers are audited every 3 years regardless of the results of the audit.



During the audits conducted by the independent audit firm, suppliers are audited under the following headings:

  • Child labor

  • Discrimination

  • Forced labor

  • Environment

  • Freedom to Association

  • Occupational Health and Safety

  • Management Systems

  • Regular Employment

  • Wages & Benefits

  • Working Hours

In case of at least one of the following nonconformities as a result of the audit, cooperation with the supplier is terminated:

  • Child labor

  • Forced labor

  • Harassment case

  • Bribery case

  • Discrimination

Audit results are reviewed annually by the Value Chain Management Board. As a result of the audit, it may be decided to perform a documentation check or follow-up audit for nonconformities other than the above mentioned findings. If there is no improvement in follow-up audit, cooperation with the supplier is terminated.

In 2019, business ethics audits have been concluded. Top 3 audit findings are: Health and Safety, Working Hours, Environment.