Sustainability Roadmap with

Our Suppliers


What is our roadmap for sustainability with our suppliers?

  • Institutional sustainability is not only the management of our company's economic, social and environmental impacts, but also the complement with the activities of our suppliers towards sustainability. Our roadmap is a guide for increasing our suppliers' sustainability performance.

  • Our Responsible Purchasing Policy, prepared for our suppliers, is designed to ensure that our suppliers' business practices comply with Arçelik Global Ethical Principles and legal rules. We expect our suppliers to carry out all operations with integrity, by respecting human rights, protecting the interests of their employees and protecting the environment.

  • We carry out "Business Ethics Audits" through independent bodies to create safe, dignified and respectful working conditions for your employees and to support at protecting the environment.

  • The Supplier Sustainability Index has been prepared to closely monitor sustainability activities of our suppliers*. We expect the suppliers to share accurate answers to the questions in the questionnaire. As a second step of the Supplier Sustainability Index Assessment, business ethics audits are carried out by a third party. For further details on the audits, please visit Business Ethics Audits & Reporting.
    * Approximately 400 suppliers, comprising 90% of our purchasing volume.

  • We expect all of our suppliers to establish environment and energy management systems and undertake continuous improvement in order to increase their environmental performance.

  • Arçelik Conflict Minerals Policy aims to prevent the trade of the four minerals that are used in financing armed conflicts or extracted using forced labour. We expect our suppliers, the most important factor hereby, to fully comply with this policy.


By 2030:

We will not work with suppliers* that do not have ISO 50001 certification
which consume energy over 500 ToE    

By 2025:

We will not work with our suppliers* that do not have ISO 50001 certification
which consume energy over 1000 ToE.

By 2025:

Collect, monitor, and publicly disclose compiled data of supplier's* Scope 1–2 GHG emissions,
energy, water, and waste and encourage them to set their own targets

By 2024:

We will not work with our suppliers that do not have ISO 50001 certification which
consume energy over 1000 ToE in Turkey

By 2023:

We will not work with suppliers* that do not have ISO 14001 certification

By 2023:

Ensure 100% compliance of critical suppliers with Arçelik Conflict Minerals Policy.


* Approximately 400 suppliers, comprising 90% of our purchasing volume.


  • As required by our Responsible Purchasing Policy and our targets, we are committed to cooperate with suppliers that fulfil the supplier terms and material conditions we have determined in our purchasing processes in order to supply environmentally friendly products, materials and services in all geographies which we operate in.

We have taken one further step in this process. We want to transform together with our supply chain and minimize the impact of the operations in the value chain in total. Therefore, it is important that we help and guide our suppliers set environmental targets, measure their progress, and reduce their impact. In November 2021, we circulated a letter (herein referred to as the “Commitment Letter”) to our suppliers explaining our sustainability strategy, our sustainability credentials and our Science Based Targets as well as the 2030 environmental targets.

This letter was signed by Arçelik’s CEO, CFO, Purchasing Director, Product Sourcing Director and Quality, Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Director. We have asked our suppliers to sign the Commitment Letter, and to commit to setting their own targets for GHG emissions, water consumption, waste reduction and energy efficiency. We also have a requirement that suppliers will share these targets publicly on their websites and in their sustainability reports and report on progress in the same way we do. To date, 183 suppliers have signed the Commitment Letter.

We have organized a webinar with committed suppliers to discuss what it means to set a target and share our experiences in setting our own emissions, waste, water, and energy efficiency targets. We aim to ensure that, by the end of 2023, the 183 signatories of the Commitment Letter have set long-term GHG emission, water, energy efficiency and waste reduction targets and publicly shared these targets on their websites and in sustainability reports.

We have also organized a webinar series for our procurement team to increase their level of integration for Arçelik’s requirements from its suppliers and the targets set for suppliers.

We aim to have provided by the end of 2023, training for all purchasing and logistics employees on sustainability and sustainable value creation in the supply chain.