Supplier Environmental Conditions


Compliance with the Environmental Management System is required in all of our activities from the beginning of the commissioning process of our suppliers.


Our Responsible Purchasing Policy,  which we have prepared for our suppliers, includes environmental conditions as well as the ethical principles and legal rules of our suppliers. The terms of compliance with the Responsible Purchasing Policy are specified in the contracts we have with all our suppliers.

In-house Supplier Sustainability Index has been prepared to closely monitor our suppliers' sustainability activities. This index monitors the performance of our suppliers' Economic, Environmental and Social activities throughout a comprehensive survey, which is the first step of the Supplier Sustainability Index Assessment.

As second part of the Supplier Sustainability Index Assessment, business audits, including but not limited to environmental issues, are carried out to check the compliance with environmental laws and regulations, support the environmental performance of our suppliers and to follow environmental activities closely.


In the qualitative part, the following questions are asked

  • Sustainability reporting and tracking of environment/ energy performance KPIs

  • Environmental Policy

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

  • Compliance with environmental regulations and environmental penalties

  • Compliance with Arçelik Chemicals Compliance Management Policy

  • Operational eco efficiency- third party verification of the Scope 1-2 emissions with respect to the ISO 14064 Standard


The data we collect consists of:

  • Direct and indirect Scope 1 and 2 emissions

  • Water withdrawal in m3: surface, well water, public grid water, tanker water, and rainwater harvest

  • Recycled wastewater, wastewater

  • Hazardous and non-hazardous waste, and packaging waste

  • Specific energy consumption (TOE/product)

  • Green electricity purchased

  • Renewable energy for self-consumption


The suppliers' environmental management system is questioned while the self-assessment is made during the application they make to the suppliers portal, and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificate is requested. We undertake that we will not work with approximately 400 suppliers making 90% of our purchasing volume that do not have ISO 14001 certification by 2023.

We cooperate with suppliers from different sectors to minimize our environmental impact by reducing waste generation and increasing energy efficiency. We have been collecting environmental data including Scope 1–2 GHG emissions, waste, water, energy efficiency, and renewable energy from our direct material and OEM suppliers. We have plans to integrate logistics suppliers into the data collection process. As explained in detail, we intend to help our suppliers set environmental targets and track progress as part of our journey to becoming a Net-Zero company. There have been significant improvements in logistics emissions thanks to numerous actions in 2021.

141 tons of CO2 e greenhouse gas emissions were prevented by raising the through freight rates for the route from finished product storages to domestic storages. The pallets and cardboards left from the materials supplied by the facilities from abroad were used, thereby avoiding the cutting of 1,435 trees in return for 43 tons of paper and 184 tons of pallets. Arçelik increased the seaway usage rate for international shipping operations to 89% in 2021 and set the target for 2022 as 90%. As part of this, the company attaches priority to railway transport as well. It aims to boost the railway usage rate in 2022. For transportation from storages to Turkish ports, the use of railways began as an alternative to the use of highways. Thus, cost advantage was obtained in domestic shipments and an environmental contribution was made with low-emission transport.

Our main expectation is that our suppliers comply with the list of Arçelik banned / restricted substances in order to present environmentally friendly products to the customer. The Arçelik Chemical Compatibility Specification requirements an important part of our environmental expectations that we expect from our suppliers.


For Arçelik Chemical Compatibility Spesification requirements, please download.


For Arçelik Responsible Purchasing Policy, please click here.