Employee Engagement and Volunteering


We are aware that employee commitment is one of the defining factors of work life satisfaction. Through an independent HR consulting company, we conduct employee engagement surveys every year in global operations.


At Arçelik, we emphasize employee engagement and focus on behavioral change programs so that each employee feels as part of the team. We see the investments in engagement activities as a key component in aligning Arçelik’s corporate sustainability vision and strategic targets. We started to conduct employee engagement surveys on yearly basis for our global operations in 2021. The employee engagement survey asks the degree of the satisfaction with the job, the purpose that the employees have, the happiness and stress felt at work.

We regularly listen to our employees by conducting pulse surveys to collect their feedback. We care about their opinions and make action plans according to the results of the surveys. We share and realize these action plans with the relevant units. While informing our employees regularly, we also bring together senior management and employees by organizing regular town halls. Employee engagement research is conducted within the framework of confidentiality rules. When the results are announced, employees and managers create action plans together, and managers receive feedback from employees. We reward our employees for their successful projects as part of the Pioneers Award Programs and encourage them for future projects.

The Suggestion System enables all employees to give suggestions on productivity increase, quality and process improvement in line with the company's goals and strategies and share with the executive team.

Feedback and Development Dialogues are a standard part of our Performance and Development process, defining a clear structure of feedback collection process between team managers and employees. Every year in line with our performance cycle, we ask our employees their career aspirations and preferences, encourage them to plan their future, be aware of their own strengths and development areas and take actions to support their development. We track the career dialogues between managers and employees.

For further details, please refer to our Sustainability Reports.

Corporate volunteerism is a fundamental part of corporate citizenship at Arçelik. We encourage our employees to become active and responsible global citizens who strive to be a part of the solution. The priority areas of action in line with our material sustainability issues are identified in our Corporate Volunteerism Policy:

  • Raising awareness of environmental sustainability, particularly on plastics and the climate crisis

  • Providing digital skills and competencies Providing technical skills through education and training

  • Promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment

  • Arçelik Volunteers initiative was established to bring together

Arçelik employees from all over the world who want to volunteer and create a greater impact. Therefore, Arçelik Volunteers invite all Arçelik employees to take action with the projects they develop in areas prioritized as a strategic global team. Employees can join the Arçelik Volunteers Club in any country where Arçelik does business. Each location has an ambassador who conducts, coordinates and reports the local activities. Arçelik Volunteers use technology to create a better future and provide sustainable solutions that benefit both society and the environment under the “We Share We Care” initiative. We share our knowledge and expertise with others in a kind and generous way. We strive to make the planet, our lives, and technology better through socially responsible initiatives and act as responsible global citizens with good relationships and professional attitudes. We create value for all stakeholders in our entire value chain.