We grow, we respect, we lead...


We seek to satisfy every customer we serve in every country where we operate, grow through offering products and services at world-class quality and standards, and we strive to become a beacon of reliability, continuity, and respectability for all stakeholders.


We are customer-focused

It is our first priority to create value for our customers and to respond to their expectations with consistent quality. It is our duty to own up to our products after sales, and support our customers when necessary.

Always being "the best" is non-negotiable

It is our primary objective to be the best in quality, service, relations with suppliers and dealers, and investment options presented to shareholders, and to preserve this public image. Taking leadership of our areas of operation and being a trendsetter in the marketplace are our key principles.

People are our most precious asset

The quality of our products and services begins with the quality of our people. Attracting and retaining the best employees and a qualified workforce, making the best use of their talents, strengths, and creativity, improving their efficiency, providing them with development opportunities, and creating a working environment where cooperation and solidarity are nurtured are the means with which our Group has been expanding its success across generations.

Our purpose is to create resources for continuous development

Our guiding principles are making investments to secure continuity of service, paying dividends to shareholders to encourage the merging of small and large savings, creating assets out of operations to assist the economic and social development of employees and society, and ensuring the rational use of all assets.

We are aware of our responsibilities

We strive to act in fairness, goodwill, and understanding to create "win-win" situations for all, and to be in constant compliance with laws and ethical rules. As a prerequisite to success, we respect and embrace differences, and support open communication. Fulfilling our responsibilities to the people of today and generations of tomorrow is another guiding principle in whose pursuit we are relentless. It is our duty to act in an environmentally-conscious manner and spread this manner to society.

We work to strengthen the economy

We render strong support to all economic, environmental, and social contributions that will improve welfare in the countries where we do business.