All engineers, specialists and senior specialists in the Production and Technology Group are ready for tomorrow's technologies.

The world keeps changing, so we have prepared training programs that will equip our employees with the competencies of the future.

Our extensive roadmaps cover the entire professional lives of our employees. The training to implement this roadmap is designed with extensive research into tomorrow's technologies. TechPro Academy is a long-term programme that incorporates numerous technical training courses. The objectives of the program are to improve technical competencies within a corporate framework, develop critical talent aligned with strategies, and support a multidisciplinary workplace.

TechPro Academy is composed of modular programs designed in collaboration with Koç University, on-the-job and classroom training, and specialization training. We pick our trainers among the leading universities and institutions in Türkiye.

TechPro Academy will embrace continuous development and improvement, reinventing itself as necessary to flow with trends in technology.

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