The PET Tub designed by Grundig for washing machines and washer-dryers, is produced wih recycled PET bottles and thus, saves energy by reducing plastic waste.

Focusing on one of the biggest global problems, the plastic pollution, we concentrate all our efforts and R&D on this area. We continue our efforts to fight against the global plastic crisis by using approximately 11.4 million only in 2019, and a total of 30 million recycled PET bottles in our production of washing machine and washer-dryer tubs.

The Leopet plastic raw material, obtained from recycled PET bottles, developed by Beko’s R&D Center and patented by Beko is also used in air conditioners produced by Arçelik-LG. Of the plastic parts in all split air conditioners produced by Beko brands, 20% are made of recycled PET bottles and up to 15 recycled PET bottles are used in each air conditioner. By the end of 2019, 300,000 recycled PET bottles are used in 30,000 air conditioners. 

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