Sustainable Supply Chain  


Considering that our supply chain extends worldwide, we have a significant impact area. To ensure the continuity in the supply of products and improve our suppliers’ environmental and social performances, we work together to create value for all our stakeholders in our value chain. 

We make our purchasing operations sustainable using risk management processes, sustainable supplier indexes, supplier audits, communication events and supplier training.  

Supplier Sustainability Index and Code Of Conduct Audits, Supplier Evaluation Process 

At Arçelik, we use certain methods to identify the social, economic, and environmental risks in our value chain.  Supplier Audits As per our Global Responsible Purchasing Policy, we audit our suppliers in terms of compliance with the Code of Conduct. Audits check whether our suppliers comply with Arçelik’s expectations in areas including compliance with laws, working conditions, human rights, occupational health and safety, and the environment.  

Supplier Development Programs

We see supplier training as one of the most important areas in the development of our suppliers. By contributing to the development of our suppliers, we do not only obtain competitive advantage but also reduce costs and increase quality. With our Procurement Department, we have created a supplier portfolio consisting of suppliers who are engaged in continuous improvement efforts to manufacture better quality products, shorten operational production time, and increase efficiency, and we cooperate with suppliers based on common targets within the framework of mutual trust.  

We also carry out joint R&D studies with our suppliers as part of the Supplier Innovation Program. 

Please refer to Supply Chain for further information on value created with the suppliers.