At Arçelik, we conduct a variety of research and surveys to understand the expectations of local communities where we operate and develop products that address local needs. Not only do we respond to expectations with regard to products and services, but we also carry out social projects in different fields, such as education, the protection of street animals, and culture and the arts.

Support for young people’s education

Our Dawlance brand sponsored the 2019 TEDx event themed “What If?”, encouraging imagination by going outside the daily routine, at the art department of Habib University in Karachi.

We started the Dawlance Scholarship Fund in collaboration with Pakistan's National University of Sciences and Technology-NUST. The fund will provide financial support to eligible students through grants and scholarships.

In Romania, we support education activities for local communities with our Arctic brand, in collaboration with Nicolae Ciorănescu Technological High School. Arctic first provided support to dual education classes in Dâmbovița in 2017, and we aim to expand the scope of the program – which began with 56 students – in the coming years to contribute to the development of technicians. The program helps students prepare for business by improving their technical skills. Two classes will celebrate the first graduates from Targoviste-Nicolae Cioranescu Technological High School in 2020.

In addition to theoretical and practical knowledge, the program provides educational support to students, such as monthly and achievement-based scholarships. After graduating from the program, the participants will not only easily adapt to next-generation technologies with Industry 4.0 skills, but will also be given preference for employment at our washing machine factory in Ulmi, Romania. The program also supports pre-school educational institutions, kindergartens, technological high schools, and universities in the region.

Food Support

Our Elektrabregenz brand donated kitchen appliances to renovated orphanages for homeless and needy children in Austria.

Our Beko brand carries out projects in Serbia to help children grow up healthy and look to the future with hope. In cooperation with the Katarina Foundation, we donated home appliances to Jova Jovnović Zmaj Chidren’s Shelter.

In cooperation with our Grundig brand, Food for Soul opened 5 Refettorios in Rio, London, Paris, Milan, and Naples, preventing more than 200 tons of food waste and delivering meals to 80,000 people in need with the contribution of over 15,000 volunteers from around the world in the last year.

Again, with our Grundig brand, we launched the GiveBack campaign in cooperation with Currys PC World, the UK’S largest electronic products retailer. We have donated and installed more than 190 brand new home appliances through the campaign, which calls for donations to local food charities selected by Currys PC World store employees. Our goal for 2020 is to expand and continue our campaign.

Grundig Respects Brussels Sprouts

In the UK, people waste a lot of food especially at Christmas. According to reports, 4.2 million Christmas foods were wasted in the UK last year. Our research and surveys showed that Brussels sprouts have a special place in Christmas meals. However, Brussels sprouts are also one of the foods that go to waste the most at Christmas. We held a campaign to increase awareness about food waste by sharing videos with the hashtag #respectsprouts on Instagram and encouraged people to reuse the leftover Brussels sprouts at Christmas. This campaign against food waste reached a total of 12.8 million people.

Support for street animals

We support street animals and shelters in Poland with our Beko brand. We donated the calendars we produced as part of the Calendar Project to the Allegro Charytatywni Platform, which works to collect donations to NGOs through online shopping. With the sale of calendars on the platform, we have collected a total of 35,000 Zloty for different NGOs. Beko’s washing machines with the hair removal function took place in project shootings.