Performance Management And Development Planning 


In talent management, we prioritize the digitalization of our human resources processes including performance, development, and so on. We incorporate our employees in 360-degree evaluation programs to support their development and performance.


Our employees are key to our success. In a time where we work to transform our business to become more sustainable, we highly value the role that our employees play. We are fully aware that without the contribution of our employees, it would not be possible for us to achieve our ambitions; therefore, we make a great effort to develop their skills and competencies. To this end, we focus on talent and performance management programs to help our employees grow. Following the principle "To equip people with right skills for the right job” we objectively evaluate performance, track development, and provide training programs to improve employees’ capabilities.

As we know retaining and developing talent are the key factors to success in our ambitions, we offer a wide range of training programs to our employees. We not only encourage them to improve for today, but also, to prepare for the future. While we work for the development of employees’ skills and competencies, we also make a great effort to continuously improve our training programs so that they can fit better to our employees’ needs as well as our business strategy. To achieve that, we annually analyze our training according to our company strategies and goals, organizational strategies, and needs, focus group studies, past learning records and analysis, future business trends, future talent and learning trends, Development Center assessment and 360° evaluation results.

We organize training programs both in accordance with personal development plans and functional development needs. At Arçelik, there are two types of training program: assigned and selected training. Assigned training covers company orientation, capability building programs, functional and technical academies, compulsory training, and leadership transition programs. Selected programs serve for individual development needs such as language training, job specific technical training and competency training.

For the detailed information about training data, please check Annex 6 of Arçelik 2021 Sustainability Report.

Average Length of service of employees in 2021 is 7,9 years. For further information, please check Arçelik 2021 Sustainability Report. 

Personnel expenditure in 2021 and 2020 is 6,914,533 thousands of TRY and 4,402,219 thousands of TRY, respectively. For further information, please check Arçelik 2021 Annual Report.