Packaging Management


We design our products’ packaging volume and weight to produce minimum waste, and we carry out reuse and recycling projects to reduce the environmental impacts caused by our packaging processes.

  • We prevented the cutting of 270,748 trees by using approximately 77% recycled materials in the 15,878 tons of boxes produced for product packaging in our plants in Turkey. We ceased the use of cellophane, a protective coating material on cardboard boxes of small domestic Arçelik appliances, thereby reducing our use of plastics.

  • In the last decade, with our oven packaging project, we have reduced the use of timber by 85%, and cardboard by 60%, preventing the cutting of approximately 1,650 trees.

  • As a result of our packaging improvement efforts with our suppliers, we have prevented the use of 365 tons of cardboard and 238 tons of plastic bags.

  • We have reduced our production plastic waste by 20 tons and cardboard waste by 168 tons per year by switching to reusable boxes for shipments of materials with our suppliers.