Open Innovation  


Working with our stakeholders increases our innovation capacity. We accelerate our innovative work by coming together with a wide network of stakeholders, including organizations, universities, companies, and suppliers. At Arçelik, where different ideas are always regarded as assets, we create value through the contribution of our deep-rooted intellectual capital and our stakeholders, who have diverse infrastructures and knowledge.  

  • Arçelik Garage

Arçelik Garage, which we launched to keep tabs on new technologies and transform ideas into prototypes and products, is now Turkey’s largest open innovation platform. We evaluate the applications of entrepreneurs of all professions from all age groups. We expect the startups we aim to work together with to have the competencies to develop their own technology, exhibit their first working samples, and offer solutions in the thematic areas we set; thereafter, we invite the selected projects to the Acceleration Program. We provide R&D and mentoring support to the startups participating in our Acceleration Program. The products of successful startups are sold by Arçelik dealers, giving them access to the global market, covering nearly 150 countries where we offer products and services. Arçelik Garage serves as a rapid prototyping center with its technology infrastructure. Offering the opportunity to manufacture real product-quality prototypes with a much lower investment and in a much shorter time compared to serial manufacturing methods, the center can manufacture up to 50-100 products. With Turkey’s largest Makerspace infrastructure, Arçelik Garage enables entrepreneurs to rapidly test their first samples and receive customer feedback at an early stage. Academicians from Turkey’s prestigious universities, students, sub-industry representatives, consumers, service point and dealer employees all gather at the innovative idea development workshops and develop ideas on new products and features that add value to the lives of our customers. In addition, we organize monthly trainings open to everyone at Makerspace. At Garage, a leading application of the open innovation approach, we have created a space where our employees can experience the latest examples of digital transformation in their production processes. We offer our employees a creative environment to encourage intrapreneurship and design thinking, and to accelerate the transition from idea to product, and from product to market with an advanced digital prototyping infrastructure. At Garage, we provide our employees with the infrastructure and expertise they need to make their ideas a reality.   

  • Next Big Story

Multidisciplinary teams consisting of our employees and external stakeholders in the Next Big Story Program develop innovative product concepts in special product categories based on customer needs. Through this program, we aim to eliminate risks early, by developing different competencies in project processes, and to develop products that will provide the highest benefit to the company.   

  • Bigg Arçelik Garage  

Springing from our vision of being a game changer and a support organization in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, BİGG Arçelik Garage contributes to the expansion of our innovation ecosystem. With this Program, we aim to closely follow new technologies that may affect Arçelik, to recognize and support planned activities at an early stage, and to establish strategic partnerships.