Innovation for Health




Corensis Health Kiosk

Serving as a healthcare platform aimed at increasing access to healthcare services in hospitals, medical centers, and public institutions through the automation of medical measurements and the digitalization of medical records, this product is scheduled to be launched on the market in 2020 to bring innovative technologies such as smart algorithms to the healthcare sector.

The Platform will:

  • Develop a technology that will allow vital signs such as body temperature, blood oxygen levels, respiratory rates, ECG, blood pressure, weight and height to be measured on a single device,

  • Store patients’ medical records integrated with the cloud system,

  • Help physicians evaluate medical results more accurately thanks to smart algorithms.

We aim to install Corensis in hospitals, workplaces, supermarkets, pharmacies, etc. and provide live physician support.

Combi Steam, Steam Power Technology

We have introduced a new solution for preparing fast and healthy food with the Combi Steam technology used in Beko’s Combi Steam oven model. We combined a steam convection oven with a classical oven in a single design. The technology allows the cook to choose the best cooking method for each meal, offering our consumers the option of steaming, a healthier cooking method.

HarvestFresh Technology

HarvestFresh is an innovative lighting technology Beko developed to keep food fresh for longer. This innovative technology helps our consumers eat healthy, reduces their frequency of shopping, and saves them time. By imitating the 24-hour light/dark cycle, we ensure that fruit and vegetables can be kept as fresh as when they were harvested and preserve the vitamins they contain for a longer time.