Innovation for Health


HarvestFresh Technology

HarvestFresh is an innovative lighting technology Beko developed to keep food fresh for longer. This innovative technology helps our consumers eat healthy, reduces their frequency of shopping, and saves them time. HarvestFresh periodically and homogeneously applies the three main colors, blue, green, and red, that plants need to create a natural living space in the crisper.

In this way, the levels of vitamins A and C are maintained for a longer period of time, extending the food’s nutritional value for longer.


Fullfresh+ Technology

Moisture and water loss are among the main reasons for shortened storage life of fruits and vegetables, which can lead to food waste. Developed as a solution to this problem, FullFresh+® maintains the humidity level up to 90% thanks to its air channels and prevents the formation of water drops thanks to its perforated ceiling. This enables vegetables and fruit to retain freshness for up to three times as long with a resulting reduction in food waste.


HygieneShield Range

The COVID-19 pandemic is called a milestone because of its effects on consumer behavior and needs in the near future. Beko’s consumer research, Consumer Connected, conducted in 31 countries globally, identified hygiene as the highest priority for consumers.


Health Kiosk

Corensis Health Kiosk is an AI-powered smart medical measurement system developed by Arçelik.