Customer Safety and Quality Management


At Arçelik, we pay attention to customer safety and quality assurance throughout the life cycle of our products. Accordingly, we test our products at the design, materials selection, and performance evaluation stages.


All our products are certified according to standards by well-known testing and certification institutes. The Central Product Safety Department conducts audits on product safety in production and design processes at the plants once a year. The department also audits new product projects during the prototype and trial production stages and takes corrective actions and necessary measures according to audit results. We conduct Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) to identify and prevent possible failures that may occur. In line with our vision of zero incident that supports our global expansion, we work to become a role model in product safety in consumer durables industry.

All technical design and manufacturing process are being modelled according to related countries' safety regulation and standards. International Electrotechnical Committee' s and CEN/CENELEC standardization studies (technical committees', working groups' studies etc.) are being followed closely, for giving contributes to technical committtees to improve safety standards' requirements by product safety experts.  Furthermore the product safety tests are being subjected and reported by distinguished 3rd party laboratories (VDE, Intertek, TUV etc.) or our own laboratories which have customer testing facility requirements, then product designs freezed and production approval given.

Product Safety Risk Committee

We analyze consumer concerns, service records, and customer and service employee feedback after sales processes. The Product Safety Risk Committee is responsible for assessing the product safety risks and identifying the risk levels. We take corrective actions and measures to prevent and manage potential risks by ensuring cooperation between parties inside and outside the company. We also provide product safety training to our employees in R&D, Production and Quality departments across all our plants.

Reliability Day

Every year we organize the Arçelik Reliability Day to guarantee safe design and production through transferring new technical knowledge throughout the company. Creating a culture of product safety, we ensure a reduction in service failure rates and product. safety-related incidents, and reward successful work within the organization.  At the virtual Reliability Day of 2021, teams shared their efforts on new methods and tools for safety improvements. We also invited experts from different fields to participate and contribute through presentations and speeches. Reliability Projects of the Year awards were presented at the ceremony.


The health and safety of our customers play a crucial role in our sales approach and are among our top priorities. If a recall is required, we make announcements to our consumers using the most effective communication channels in accordance with local legislation. For eliminating customers’ concerns regarding product safety, we publish product safety alerts on our website and provide free call center services for recalls. Our recall procedure is based on approaches of PAS 7100 sponsored by the Office of Product Safety and Standards (OPSS). In 2021, there was no recall.

Global Customer Care Portal web site allows the certified technicians & technical staff to access technical & troubleshooting training material. Our global partners can access technical information about our products

Quality Day

The Quality day event was held for the first time in 2021 under the leadership of Quality Group Manager and with support of CEO and all other related parts of Quality. Customers and Suppliers of Arçelik had been invited to the event, and with their participation; quality approach of Arçelik was shared in terms of product quality and process quality with the audiences. During the event, Super Q character was created with audiences’ contribution and was announced at the end of the session.

6 Sigma Day

The 6 Sigma Day event, which was held for the first time in 2021, was completed under the leadership of the Quality, Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Director and Chief Production & Technology Officer. A total of 12 projects was presented and rewarded, 5 from overseas plants and 7 from domestic plants. The best project "Automation of Small-KIK Crankshaft Counter-weight Riveting Process" was selected from Compressor Plant.