In addition to the professional and quality service we provide in our stores, we prioritize customer satisfaction in our customers’ homes with our vision “Unique customer experience and reliable service”.


We implement several projects and programs to improve customer experience.

Appointment and Routing Program - ROTAM

It is critical for our service points to manage their efficiency to always provide the best service in the most ideal way, even in challenging geographies and crowded cities.

Customer and Dealer Satisfaction

At Arçelik, we follow the impact of our products and services and conduct customer satisfaction and customer loyalty surveys every year.

We use the Koç Holding Dealer Satisfaction survey and a general survey to collect feedback from our B2B customers. In 2021, the survey reached 1,802 Arçelik and Beko dealers (both respondents and non-respondents), totaling 67% coverage. Our average customer satisfaction score was 84.5.

Service Academy

In order to meet the training needs in Turkey that emerge with developing technology and the expanding product range of authorized dealers, we provide short and long-term training to all of our authorized service employees.


With the Sirius Project, we aim to digitize and standardize our GCC processes end-to-end, covering call centers, services, technicians, and subsidiary head offices employees. The project will offer an optimized experience in 63 countries, providing mobility to more than 10,000 technicians by creating a platform where they can access all technical data, and establish a digital environment where customers can reach Arçelik effortlessly and follow their service processes transparently. Sirius will have a positive impact on our Net Promoter Score, servicing processes, and first-time fix rate while providing flexibility and reducing paper use.

Global Customer Care (GCC) Academy

The Global Customer Care (GCC) Academy is responsible for improving the technical and behavioural competencies of the technical field people globally.In 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we switched the training strategy from face-to-face to online training. To improve the technical knowledge of people in subsidiaries, five online train-the-trainer sessions were held. A total of 450 people attended these sessions, 10 hours of training recordings have been produced and training materials have been distributed to all subsidiaries for translation and release in local languages. In addition to these programs, six online training sessions were held for countries requesting them. In 2021, 42 training videos were produced, all with internal resources, and these have been shared globally via the GCC Service Academy Portal.