Strategic collaboration with our partners with diverse perspectives and backgrounds enables us to develop distinctive and innovative products.


The technologies we build help us to generate solutions to environmental and social problems while growing our market share and profitability. We participate in the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programmes (H2020) to strengthen our cooperation network on different platforms. Through these programmes, we build strategic collaborations in critical areas for our business such as the IoT and connected products, cyber security, sensors, robotics, artificial intelligence, energy efficiency, the circular economy, innovative material technologies, and food storage technologies.

We initiate strategic partnerships and form collaborations with stakeholders from different sectors to develop one-of-a-kind products, processes, and services. The technologies that come out of these partnerships not only result in greater profitability but also find answers to social and environmental problems. In this context, EU Horizon Europe Framework Programs, one of the most prestigious platforms for stakeholders from all around the world to collaborate, enables us to increase our strength in critical areas for our business such as IoT and connected products, cybersecurity, sensors, robotics, artificial intelligence, energy efficiency, circular economy, innovative material technologies, food storage technologies, advance/data-driven/automated manufacturing system, 5G applications, edge/cloud computing, data mining/analytic technologies and home energy management, demand-side flexibility.

With a total of 25 accepted projects, we are now the leading Turkish company in the Horizon 2020 according to the number of accepted projects. Following the program’s transformation into Horizon Europe in 2021, Arçelik made a strong start with six grant-supported projects on production and sustainability. These projects will provide EUR 1.7 million funding and expand our network to 100 partnerships in these project consortiums. We are also working on our new Horizon projects, which are planned to start in 2022.

For the detailed information please check about EU Horizon Projects section of Arçelik 2021 Sustainability Report.