We are subject to regular audits due to our membership of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and the Suppliers Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX).

Through BSCI, our operations are regularly audited in topics such as social management systems, employee engagement, freedom of association and collective bargaining, prevention of discrimination, fair remuneration, OHS, prevention of precarious employment, prevention of forced and child labor, environmental protection, and ethical behavior. Customer-specific audits also may be performed per request. Our supply chain department also follows an audit plan to monitor the social compliance conditions of suppliers. We plan corrective actions for nonconformities that arise as a result of the audits and check the actions taken

regarding these plans in the following audits. We fulfill all requirements in each country in which we operate, in line with the local and national laws and regulations. Signed contracts comply with legislation in the countries where Arçelik operates and fully comply with local GDPR rules. We strictly follow, pay attention to, and commit to compliance. According to the results of BSCI and SEDEX audits, there was no finding for incidents of child labor, forced or compulsory labor in our own operations. In line with our zero-tolerance policy, we terminate our relationships with suppliers who may be involved in human rights violations.


We protect human rights issues under our Human Rights and Human Resources’ Procedures and Policies. Regarding human rights issues human rights internal and external assessments are conducted. We prepare and manage mitigation and remediation plans according to audit findings. Arçelik has grievance mechanism – ethics line- for any kind of human rights abuses. We report all human rights activities transparently and monitor the process at the end of the cycle.