World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

WBCSD is a network where members learn from other leading companies; interact with the strongest partners and gain access to a one-stop shop for tools and expertise to push their sustainability journey forward.

Arçelik’s long-term strategy and approach of sustainability challenges are well aligned with WBCSD’s new membership criteria and Vision 2050: Time to Transform which sets a shared vision of a world in which more than nine billion people are able to live well, within planetary boundaries, by 2050.

At Arçelik, our sustainability journey towards 2030 consists of concrete steps to improve the planet, life, and our business. We believe that WBCSD’s unique collaborative platform will enable us to accelerate our efforts to transform our business and build solutions for global challenges. We will always continue supporting co-learning and co-creating processes to the future, today.

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As a member of WBCSD, we joined two action initiatives that help us to accelerate our transition for climate action. The SOS 1.5 initiative provides sector-specific deep dives and a tailored roadmap to achieve 1.5°C target for a climate-safe world and the CFO Network initiative speeds up the financial transition through: influence standardization, investor engagement, leadership&integration.

Arçelik supports WBCSD’s the Business Manifesto for Climate Recovery

At COP26, WBCSD called for the development of a new global framework of Corporate Determined Contributions (CDCs) as part of the Business Manifesto for Climate Recovery to capture business progress and delivery against targets, ambitions and aims.

COP26 has shown us that the world needs urgent climate Action. At Arçelik, we are already taking action by setting science-based ambitious targets to accelerate climate recovery.

As a WBCSD member, we support the WBCSD’s Manifesto which sets out of twelve action priorities framed around reducing, removing and reporting emissions and highlights the public-private collaboration required to drive climate action.

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