Leaders of the Future

Our aim is to train global leaders who will shape our future.

In a world of rapidly-changing global dynamics, we believe in the importance of creating a common leadership culture aligned to our vision, mission and strategies, and an organizational climate that nurtures development.

It is our priority that our leaders are global thinkers who share their vision, inspire, develop talent by coaching, cooperate, manage differences, have advanced adaptation skills, and are innovative individuals who strive for excellence. We are aware that the climate created by our leaders will foster employee loyalty, motivation, and successful business results. We expect all employees to embrace the Arçelik Leadership Profile, which is a reflection of this priority and consciousness, and includes our leadership competencies.

We adopt a holistic approach to leadership development through the Arçelik Leadership Profile that extends from discovering talent to developing it. As a people-focused global organization that manages differences, our key strategies include developing our leaders around these competencies, and bolstering our line of succession with talent at all levels.

The HR planning process we perform on an annual basis expands our talent pool, helps our employees make use of global training and development solutions and appointments, and receive coaching and mentorship support.

With these solutions, we aim to:

  • Foster a global leadership culture,

  • Create a global organizational climate that is inclusive and collaborative,

  • Encourage lines of thought, knowledge and skills that support our company strategies and culture,

  • Support our leaders in their leadership roles,

  • Encourage a culture of sustainable development and high performance.