For everyone:

  • I take ownership of my career and seek for feedback from my superior as well as my team to improve myself and

    be the best version of myself.

  • I identify what I need to learn and grow in my career and seek out opportunities and experiences to help me.

  • I seek for opportunities and feedback to stretch and challenge myself and/or others.

  • I take time to understand and offer support to my colleagues/team to enable them work at their best.

  • I delegate effectively by recognizing peoples’ strengths and potential to achieve more.


For People Managers:

  • I take time to understand and facilitate my team's needs to learn and grow in their career and build on their strengths individually.

  • I help my colleagues/team to grow by making extensive use of constructive feedback and coaching, even if it feels challenging.

  • I take bold bets on talent and be restless to grow the best talent for Arçelik.


"We have a big appetite to learn and to grow. Our adaptability is fast."

"To innovate, we need as diverse a perspective as possible. To succeed, we need to allow our people to bring their best self to work, to voice divergent opinions. Those are their best contribution."

"To grow as a company, we all need time for personal growth and experimentation. Seize opportunities to learn, and help others do the same."