Rahmi M. Koç

Chairman of The Board


Received his BA degree from Johns Hopkins University (USA) Business Management. He started his career at Otokoç, a member of Koç Group, in 1958. He served at various senior official positions in Koç Holding. After becoming the Chairman of the Executive Committee in 1980, he was assigned as the Chair of Board of Directors of Koç Holding in 1984. He has been carrying on his work as the Honorary President of Koç Holding since 2003.

Having served as the Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce between 1995 and 1996, Rahmi M. Koç then worked at various positions such as Vice Chairman of Vehbi Koç Foundation Board of Trustees, Honorary Chair of Koç University Board of Trustees, Founder and Chairman of Board of Rahmi M. Koç Museology and Culture Foundation, Vehbi Koç Foundation American Hospital Chairman of Board of Directors, Founder Member and Honorary President of TURMEPA/Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association, Honorary President of TÜSİAD High Advisory Board, Member of TISK Advisory Board, Honorary Member of Foreign Policy Association, New York Metropolitan Art Museum Honorary Member of Board of Trustees, and Founder Member of Global Relations Forum Association. Mr. Rahmi M Koç, who is a non-executive board member is not an independent member pursuant to the Corporate Governance Principles of the CMB. Being one of the controlling shareholders in Koç Group, Rahmi M. Koç, has been serving in the boards of directors of the Group companies for the last ten years.