Ömer M. Koç

Vice Chairman of The Board


He received his B.A. degree from Columbia University in 1985. He worked at Kofisa Trading for one year and completed his MBA at Columbia University in 1989. After working at Ramerica International Inc., he joined the Koç Group in 1990. He held various senior positions at Koç Holding including Finance Coordinator, Vice President and President of the Energy Group. He became a Member of the Board of Directors in 2004 and Vice Chair in May 2008. In February 2016, he was appointed as the Chair of the Board of Directors of Koç Holding. He serves as the Vice President of TÜSİAD High Advisory Council, Chair of Tofaş, Tüpraş and Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat Yayıncılık Board of Directors and Member of the Board of Directors at other Koç Group companies. He is also the Chair of Turkish Educational Foundation Board of Trustees and Chair of the Board of Directors of Geyre Foundation.

Mr. Mehmet Ömer Koc, who is a non-executive board member is not an independent member pursuant to the Corporate Governance Principles of the CMB. Being one of the controlling shareholders in Koç Group, Mehmet Ömer Koç, has been serving in the boards of directors of the Group companies for the last ten years.