We are at a tipping point and
time is not on our side

Our planet is facing a human-caused catastrophe… 

Earth has already warmed 1°C since the 19th century, and, for the first time in humankind, the daily level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is above 400 parts per million. 


"By 2040, average global temperatures are predicted to rise by 1.5°C. It may not sound like much, but on a global level, it corresponds to a dramatic effect."

Science is warning us that the risks posed by climate change are growing much faster than imagined. If we don’t take urgent action within the next few years, the impact is going to be irreversible - for both our planet and the billions of lives that inhabit it.

We are already witnessing an unfolding disaster in the form of extreme weather, severe heat waves, droughts, deluges and the loss of many species. Our extensive use of genetically modified crops means that our food supply is vulnerable to diseases that will emerge in a warmer world.

However, we are suffering from the ‘slowly boiling frog syndrome’. The same effect has us ignore increasingly dangerous situations. We reassure ourselves that we’ll deal with issues ‘soon’, but we don’t act until it’s too late. We need to get out of this lethargy and realize that the risks are no longer remote or hypothetical.

Climate change is an existential threat and it will treat every single one of us equally. There is no second planet, we have only one home we can survive in. We need unprecedented action to prevent this catastrophe.

At Arçelik, we are completely dedicated to doing everything we can in our power to counter the effects of climate change. Furthermore, as a business leader and a father, I gladly take on the personal responsibility to raise awareness of this issue.

To highlight the imminent 2040 deadline, I will attempt a rapid climb to the summit of Mount Everest, Earth’s highest peak, located in one of the most vulnerable regions to global warming. Our expedition will try to go from sea level to summit in 21 days; to emphasize the 21-year countdown to 2040.

If you would like to join me on my quest to raise awareness for this issue and react to global warming, here are a few things you can do:

Everyday Actions

Call on all business and government leaders to take bold action against climate change

Consume conscientiously by eating less meat and don’t waste food

Don't buy things you don't need. Product emissions arise from long supply chains, our ability to reduce them is mostly limited to purchasing decisions

Switch to green energy solutions

Go car-free whenever possible

Learn about, and engage in, more discussions on climate solutions. As you change your habits, you’ll inspire your close network to do the same

For business leaders

Raise awareness of climate change within your company, create a culture focused on sustainability

Set out clear actions and goals for your organization to reduce your carbon footprint

Build purposeful brands and work on innovations that support sustainable lifestyles. Consumers are now willing to pay more to save their planet

21 years is an incredibly short period of time in the life of our planet, and we must act fast. After all the damage we have done, our planet now needs trusted guardians. We must rise to the challenge of preventing a future where our planet is uninhabitable.

This is not an issue you can leave others to fight. Everyone needs to stand up and be accountable. 

Let’s not waste our final chance to make a difference.

Hakan Bulgurlu CEO