We are choosy when it comes to recruiting new talent that will shape our future and change the world.  

Our hiring processes are increasingly digital in a world of evolving trends. We embrace this change and strive for digitalization in all stages of our hiring process. 

The result is a structured, multi-stage procedure.

Stage 1:  Based on the résumés submitted, we conduct telephone, video or personal interviews with candidates to assess their suitability to the available position. The Human Resources Consultant and position manager may conduct these interviews separately or together.

Stage 2: Selected candidates take online exams for verbal and numeric skills, and English proficiency. 

Stage 3: After completing a personality inventory, candidates are taken to the Evaluation Center application. The Evaluation Center appraises candidates via competency-based interviews, group exercises, presentation analysis exercises and role plays based on their résumés. We observe whether they are a close match to the Arçelik Leadership Profile competencies.

Stage 4: Candidates who are found to be a good match for the available position at the Evaluation Center have interviews with upper management. The final phase of our hiring process is reference checking.

Our goal is to make the perfect candidate experience

Feedback from candidates, whether hired or not, matters to us. To this end, we run a survey among all candidates involved in our hiring processes to gather their comments and suggestions on the process.

We are delighted by feedback that suggests the process was handled in a professional manner. We also seek to improve our processes based on suggestions from candidates in order to achieve continuous development and maximize candidate satisfaction. 

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