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Developing technologies and trends lead to constant change of user needs. Cluttered interfaces and remote controls with many buttons have been replaced with touch screens, streamlined interfaces, and mobile applications. Emerging technologies are perfecting this experience, letting humans interact with machines using the most natural means of communication: voice.





Asista, uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) solutions and processing technologies that we have developed. It listens and understands you, and responds to your questions in Turkish. 

Asista, using new and interactive methods, lets you control and operate all home appliances such as refrigerators, cookers and dishwashers, automate energy management, check multimedia channels and supervise your security system, becoming your home's command center. We also intend Asista to provide access to shopping services, latest sports news, current traffic and weather, stock exchange and other value-added services developed by third parties to make your lives easier.  

We provide a full solution package that integrates a human-machine communication interface, Turkish NLU, voice mail and voice recognition. Asista has a 360-degree microphone array with far-field voice activation, echo neutralizing, noise reduction, and 360-degree source scanning.

Smart Assistant will also allow NLU solutions to be integrated in many areas:

  • Industry 4.0 – Controlling production stations and machines with voice commands

  • Automotive – Controlling automobiles and features with voice commands

  • Healthcare – Connecting monitoring devices to Smart Assistant for remote patient checking and real-time sharing of medical data with physicians and hospitals

  • Telematic – The ability of the manufacturer to remotely check all home appliances, small or large, prevents permanent damage to appliances and allows preventive technical service assistance

  • Education – Use of interactive education modules

  • Hotels – Voice-activated room automation, orders or concierge contact

  • Hotels and Shopping Centers – Interactive information desks that act as voice-controlled store directories



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