Our new AI-powered smart medical measurement terminal offers next-generation health platform targeting automation of measurements via high precision medical sensors and advanced algorithms.  

AI-driven visual and voice assistants taking hospital registration and medical measurement process to a new level. Advanced face recognition algorithms accelerate and facilitate the registration step. The AI-driven assistants ask to follow up questions regarding medical history and symptoms. While sitting in front of a unique medical station that contains an ergonomic screen and high precision medical devices, patients are guided by AI-driven assistants through self-administered steps to collect vital data. A complete patient report created by the smart algorithms is sent electronically to the physician. 


BeyondCare® is a mobile ECG monitoring system that allows remote monitoring of vital data such as cardiac rhythm, respiration, activity and body temperature. Weighing only 14 grams, this water-resistant and cordless product is worn over the heart but does not affect patients’ daily lives. With BeyondCare®, patients can be monitored by a doctor without leaving home. Doctors can analyse a patient’s status using reports from the data obtained. BeyondCare® provides simplicity for patients and healthcare professionals.

Features of BeyondCare® Mobile ECG Monitoring Systems

  • Apart from the level of comfort it offers with its distinctive small form factor and water-resistant design, BeyondCare® also has a battery life that allows doctors to monitor patients for up to seven days.

  • BeyondCare® speeds up diagnoses (thus reducing health expenses) thanks to its long tracking time, which is crucial for detecting heart arrhythmia.

  • The data obtained from measurements are processed with smart algorithms on a cloud-based platform to obtain analyses of patients’ heart health, physical condition and sleep patterns. The results of these measurements and analyses are stored on the platform to allow for retrospective monitoring.

  • Measurements performed using the BeyondCare® Mobile Monitoring Device can also be tracked in real time thanks to the instant data monitoring feature. Healthcare professionals can track a patient’s vital data anywhere.

  • Clinical trials carried out at Koç University Hospital in collaboration with the Koç University Research Centre for Translational Medicine revealed that the results obtained from the measurements performed with the BeyondCare® Mobile Monitoring Device are equal to those obtained by a Holter monitor.

  • BeyondCare® has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, an important authority in the field of healthcare.



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