Our new AI-powered smart medical measurement terminal offers next-generation health platform targeting automation of measurements via high precision medical sensors and advanced algorithms.

AI-driven visual and voice assistants taking hospital registration and medical measurement process to a new level. Advanced face recognition algorithms accelerate and facilitate the registration step. The AI-driven assistants ask to follow up questions regarding medical history and symptoms. While sitting in front of a unique medical station that contains an ergonomic screen and high precision medical devices, patients are guided by AI-driven assistants through self-administered steps to collect vital data. A complete patient report created by the smart algorithms is sent electronically to the physician.

Corensis Medical Kiosk offers an automation-based health platform that performs basic health measurements with the help of high precision medical sensors and advanced algorithms.



       Shortens vital measurement duration and provides more efficient examinations. 

Easy to Use

       Offers an easy to use unattended vital measurement experience. 

   Voice Assistant Support

        All steps are designed to be managed via touch or voice enabled

        interface according to users’ preference.  

  Image Processing Technology

        ID verification processes are accelerated with image processing technology. 


        Corensis Medical Kiosk fulfils medical certification requirements.

        (ISO 13485, CE (93/42/EEC), IEC/EN 61010-1, IEC/EN 61326-1, IEC/EN 61326-2-6) 



Vital Measurements

  User Information

         Authentication by ID number or facial recognition system

         Creating patient medical history with the help of a voice assistant 

 Body Temperature

        Contactless forehead temperature measurement from 3-7 cm with an infrared sensor.

 Oxygen Saturation

        Fast oxygen saturation measurement with a dual-wavelength with photodiode technology

        Real-time respiratory rate from a photoplethysmogram special filters.


        Practical single-channel ECG measurement from the palm through the grip electrodes

        Heart rate variability, PR, QT, QRS intervals, heart speed and arrhythmia analysis


  Blood Pressure

         Systolic, diastolic blood pressure measurement with the oscillometric method

         Comfortable and reliable measurement with tunnel type blood pressure cuff


  Body Mass Index

          Medical precision weight measurement (<250)

          Height measurement with image processing technology

                -Body mass index calculation

                -Basal metabolic rate calculation

                 -Ideal weight calculation


Smart Algorithms and Analysis

Corensis® produces highly accurate results using special algorithms for each vital measurement.

The ECG module transforms the electrical activities of the heart into an ECG graph and runs an analysis with machine learning supported, custom-developed smart algorithms to detect

arrhythmias including Atrial Fibrillation, Tachycardia, and Bradycardia.

Moreover, time-stamped ECG wave intervals are analyzed to provide heart rate variability and PR, QT, QRS intervals. Whilst smart algorithms and experimental coecients processes are used to determine blood pressure, respiration rate, oxygen saturation and body temperature from the vital measurement

data is collected from medical sensors. 

It performs height measurement by using image processing algorithms.


Corensis Cloud Platform

After the measurement, the vital findings collected from the device are processed on the Corensis Cloud Platform with smart algorithms and conveyed to the patient’s doctor as a single-page report. All the health information from consenting Corensis users is anonymized in the cloud, enabling to profile visitors on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis by creating vital statistics of users.





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