Corensis Medical Kiosk Helps Increase Access to Healthcare Services

Serving as a healthcare support system, the measurment platform Corensis enables the automation of medical measurements, digitalization of medical records - increasing access to healthcare services in hospitals, medical centers and public areas.

Thanks to its unique design, smart voice and visual assistant, it allows patients to measure their body temperature, blood oxygenation level, respiratory rate, single-lead ECG, blood pressure, weight and height on their own.

Technology in the medical sector has had a significant effect on virtually all procedures and practices of healthcare professionals. Corensis helps physicians optimize their delivery of care, build operational efficiencies and enhance the experience of patients and staff. As the healthcare system increasingly focuses on providing a patient-oriented service, hospitals will be focusing on reducing costs, improving quality and boosting patients’ experience.

The initial goal of the Corensis journey, which started in November 2018, was to enhance the experience of all stakeholders in the medical sector, especially in hospitals. Therefore, the medical kiosk and platform are built to improve the efficiency both for patients and medical staff. Over the following months, Arçelik’s in-house innovation team collected input from all stakeholders and completed the unique design and development of Corensis Vital Measurement Platform.

The Platform will: 

  • Develop a system that will allow vital signs to be measured on a single device

  • Store patients’ medical records on an integrated cloud system

  • Help physicians evaluate medical results more accurately thanks to smart algorithms

The next steps of the project are to create different user scenarios, to install Corensis in hospitals, workplaces, supermarkets, and pharmacies. To provide live medical support and make vital measurements and primary care accessible to all.