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Arçelik commit to the mass production of medical ventilators

Arçelik has refocused its resources to design and build safe, effective and accessible mechanical ventilators thanks to its innovative manufacturing and engineering capabilities.

Due to the global COVID-19 outbreak there is a strong demand for ventilators all over the world. Ventilators and intensive care units play a critical role in the treatment of advanced COVID-19 patients. As many countries around the world are making efforts to increase the number of intensive care beds and ventilators, health authorities have expressed concern about shortages. To that end, Arçelik is making a commitment to the wellbeing of communities around the world by utilising its human resource and technological capabilities during these difficult times.

Arçelik signed a protocol with the Ministry of Health for the mass production of the ventilation equipment to be used to help the treatment of COVID-19. The initiative is being led by the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Ministry of Health.

The ventilators are designed in compliance with international standards and were tested before production began at the new generation R&D center, Arçelik Garage. The project is being conducted on a not-for-profit basis and the collective expertise regarding design improvement, industrialization and localization of the mechanical ventilators will be given directly to the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology for use.

Arçelik is leveraging its competence in R&D processes alongside channeling its abilities in both the production and engineering fields to design and develop technologies that contribute to the shared need for Turkey and countries around the world. Arçelik’s engineers are currently working to produce ventilation equipment on a mass scale – this is vital in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak. The project is being carried out in collaboration with Biosys, Aselsan and Baykar.

Today, thousands of people who have contracted COVID-19 have been taken into intensive care, and Arçelik has made a pledge to ensure that these patients can continue to be treated. Our intention is to complete the production of 100 ventilator units by April 15, 5,000 units by the end of May and ultimately to reach a production capacity of over 25,000 units per month. A total of 120 world class Turkish engineers, 60 of whom are Arçelik employees, are working on this project.