Sustainable Moves Throughout the Industry


We are pleased to inspire our industry with our sustainable business model and ambitious targets.  We follow global trends in the industry closely and pay attention to the new developments in the field. You can find the recent sustainability news from the sector here. As you will notice, reducing carbon emissions is yet again a hot topic. 


Sustainability-Linked Loan by Electrolux

Electrolux Professional (EPRO) plans to become climate neutral in its own operations by 2030. A seven-year €60 million sustainability linked loan is related to Electrolux Professional reducing its CO2 emissions from operations and wateuse in professional laundry and ware-washing products, as well as decreasing the use of HCF cooling gases in products sold by 2025. The NIB and EPRO have agreed on three key performance indicators (KPIs) to be achieved by the end of 2025, with 2019 as a base year. The KPIs are core to EPRO’s sustainability strategy and addresses; climate targets related to reducing CO2 emissions and business-specific targets linked to water consumption efficiency in products sold, as well as the decrease of HFC gases in products. 

Phillips Sets Eyes on Virtual Power Purchase Agreements

Phillips announced a new goal aimed at reducing the climate impact of its supply chain, targeting at least half of the company’s suppliers commit to science-based emissions reduction levels by 2025. 

Philips will take an active role in supporting and incentivizing its suppliers in setting science-based targets, focusing on structural improvements at the companies to maximize the impact of CO2 reductions, and offering incentives including direct support for capability building as well as preferential payment terms to suppliers. 

The company will also actively explore the establishment of Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPAs) with suppliers, in order to support the development of new renewable energy projects and provide cleaner sources of energy. 

Whirlpool to Spur Innovation with Habitat for Humanity 

In partnership with Habitat for Humanity International, Whirlpool Corporation announced that it is kicking off its House + Home World Tour. 

The company will provide more than $6 million in funding and energy-efficient home appliances to Habitat affiliates across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, Poland, the UK and the Latin America region in support of new home construction, repair and rehab projects. 

Through the initiative, Habitat will build more than 250 climate-resilient and energy-efficient homes in partnership with hundreds of Americans in the need of affordable housing over the next three years. 

The first house to be built as part of the BuildBetter with Whirlpool initiative, will be outfitted with solar panels, high-efficiency heating and cooling, and water-conserving plumbing fixtures. 

Ikea to eliminate plastic from consumer packaging by 2028

Ikea has announced it will be phasing out plastic from consumer packaging to reduce plastic waste and drive 
the industry agenda to develop packaging centred around renewable and recycled materials. 

The phase-out will happen via a course of steps, starting with all new range by 2025, and running range by 2028. 

Packaging is a key component of the retailer’s model and an important enabler for affordability, sustainability, and safe handling. 

Key Insights Sustainability with Google 2021 Event 

Google launched its plans to keep environment safe and sustainable with newer innovations at Sustainability with Google 2021 event. 

Launching globally, Google is bringing carbon emissions information to Google Flights. Users will be able to see associated carbon emissions per seat for every flight, and quickly find lower-carbon options. Additionally, they will see information on their sustainability efforts when they search for hotels. Google is also helping people make more sustainable choices when they shop, starting with home appliances. When users search for energy-intensive products like furnaces, dishwashers or water heaters, suggestions in the Shopping tab will help narrow their search to cost-effective and sustainable options. 

Traveling by car is one of the most carbon-intensive choices people make daily. Already started in the U.S., and starting in Europe in 2022, Google Maps will let users choose the most fuel-efficient route if it isn’t already the fastest one. 

The company is also helping business customers like Whirlpool, Etsy, HSBC, Unilever and Salesforce develop new solutions for the specific climate change challenges they face, and benefit from the cleanest cloud in the industry. It recently launched tools to help businesses choose cleaner regions to locate their Google Cloud resources.