Solar Energy Supply for Kabinburi


Taking important steps for a sustainable future, Arçelik has accelerated its efforts in solar energy. Introducing its products under the slogan “A Reliable Investment for the Future”, Arçelik employs state-of-the-art technology in solar panels, offering a 12-year product warranty.


In line with its sustainability vision and business model Arçelik, carrying out pioneering work in the field of sustainability, added yet another one to its important steps for using energy resources efficiently and assuming a responsible attitude towards nature. Arçelik, employing the latest technology in solar panels, introduced the product it designed under the slogan “A Reliable Investment for the Future”.

Can Dinçer, Arçelik General Manager for Turkey, who indicated that Arçelik has been carrying out work to spread solar energy, a sustainable source of energy, across Turkey, said, “There will be Arçelik-brand panels of up to 10 MW by late 2021 in Turkey. We have scaled up our targets for 2022. The power demand of around 22 thousand homes a year will be met through the 45 MW solar panels we aim to sell and install, as a result of which carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 31 thousand tons, and 795 thousand trees will be saved. We will also install solar panels at our Arçelik and Beko vendors and plants. While the installation of a 1-MW solar system at our refrigerator plant in Eskişehir is underway, we have accelerated our projects for installing solar systems at our production plants, storehouses and office buildings in Turkey and abroad. Also, using the “Pay-by-Saving Model” to finance 100 Arçelik and Beko vendors across Turkey, which were found eligible for the installation of solar systems, we set out to introduce green energy to our vendors”.

“A Reliable Investment for the Future”

The half-cut and multi-busbar technologies, which are the latest in solar panels, were used in the Arçelik-brand products. The product comes with a 12-year Arçelik product warranty and a 25-year minimum 83 percent efficiency warranty. Other than the product it has put on the market under the slogan “A Reliable Investment for the Future”, Arçelik also offers turnkey services including survey, engineering, installation, permit management, maintenance and repair services. While the opportunity to buy by instalments of up to 18 months is offered at the cash price on credit cards through Yapı Kredi Leasing, advantageous loans can be obtained for large-scale projects. Detailed information on the products can be obtained by calling the Arçelik call centre at 444 0 888, or by visiting the website

Can be used on all roof types, and generates clean and sustainable energy

Through long-life solar power panels you can generate your own power at high efficiency for a period of up to 25 years. Being flexible systems that can be used on all roof types, solar systems can be installed in many areas such as residences, production plants, business centres, shopping malls, petrol stations, stadiums, hotels, storehouses or parking lots to generate clean and sustainable energy. They may also be installed on poor land to put such land to use. Solar panels generate power by solar radiation without causing any noise pollution or CO2 emissions and without requiring any additional input, thereby protecting nature as well as offering later generations a sustainable future thanks to their long life.

Also, in solar systems, monthly netting allows the surplus power generated during the day to be fed into the grid and to be recovered free of charge at night or on other days during which the consumption rate is high. In fact, if the amount of power transmitted by the home to the grid is greater by the end of the month, the home can sell the difference to distribution companies over the active energy rate to make a profit.